Our on-site manufacturing facility allows us the unique flexibility of design and seamless flow through the design, manufacturing and fabrication process. This allows for great communication during the product development process.

It is the policy of Popp to provide products and services that exceed our customer’s expectations and requirements.
This goal is achieved by creating an environment where individuals continuously improve their skills to meet our customers present and future needs.
In today’s fast changing market, a customer with short product lifecycles, rapid time-to-market requirements and low-cost strategies, customers need a responsive tightly integrated supply chain. Popp’s flexible production system allows us to manage the entire product life cycle, delivering the lowest total cost. Our collaborative design approach, integrated supply chain and lean manufacturing principles reduce waste and speed your time-to-market.

Our integrated manufacturing approach allows for engineering your products or redesigning them for cost reduction. The value we add goes beyond cost alone. This alone can help in this ever fast changing environment to keep up with the competition.

Our design and engineering expertise allows your team to expand your resources by relying on ours as an add-on to your team. Our team seamlessly manages and links new product introduction, printed circuit board assembly, systems build, direct fulfillment, logistics and quality to help customers deal with sudden spikes in demand and meet end-customers' needs.
Model for Trade Fair
Desk for Trade Fair
TV Show
Interactive Display
Our new factory in Forchheim, Breitweidig 1
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Book shelf for an exhibition
Interactive display
Counter for an exhibition
MRT Scan model
Our workshop in Forchheim
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